July 19, 2013

Welcome, X-freaks!

Just over two years ago I bought a Fujifilm X100, and my approach to photography changed completely.


After more than 40 years of Nikon (D)SLR shooting, I rediscovered the fun of ‘deliberate photography’ that I somehow had lost over time. Working slower than before (admittedly not without some frequent cursing in the beginning), shooting more often in manual mode, turning the limitations of the camera into creative challenges… all turned out to be fresh sources of inspiration and satisfaction.

I jumped on board as soon as Fujifilm introduced its X-cameras. Today I have an X100s, an X-Pro1 and an X-E1 and all are frequently used. I own many of the fine XF-lenses, and have no less than eight (yes, eight!) different adapters for my collection of Nikon primes and zooms.


Over the past months, I have experimented a lot with these lens adapters. I left some posts on the various forums dedicated to the Fuji X system, but I did not want to add more substantial comments to my other blog, Dare to see!, where I focus on content rather than technicalities.

So that is what this new, second blog will be all about: impressions, experiences, comments, examples… regarding X cameras, lenses, accessories from all kind of vendors. I will discuss the use of (D)SLR lenses, but also special applications like tilt and/or shift photography. Who knows where this will take me/us?


I will update some of the information I posted before on forums, as well as mix in new content on my current investigations.

I hope this may help you to get the most of your Fujifilm camera system, and to find you visiting this blog on a regular basis.

Until then: grab that camera and go out shooting!

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